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Audio Video

Home Cinema & Audio Equipment installation.

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Home Intelligence


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Computer repair

Windows and Mac Computer Hardware & Software repairing service...

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Networking experts

Windows Server Family Experts, Linux Server and MacOS Servers setup/configuration.

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We have been working since a couple of years doing 'yacht automatization' - lightning control (using Fibaro relay switches),   shutter and glass doors open/close control (using Fibaro Roller Shutter), Cameras control (using for inside D-Link cameras and for outside the Raymarine ones), Audio (using Sonos), Smoke and flood detectors (Fibaro) - everything controlled with an iPad fixed against a wall with a nice rack.


Princess Motor Yachts

We been doing some nice and interesting projects on a couple of Princess Motor Yachts, from a small V50 up to a m35 model. the goal has been always to give the Yacht owners a nice and easy interface to manage most of the electric stuff on the boat.

Ferreti - Yachts

Bildergebnis für ferretti layout


Installation and configuration of some new hardware on one of these boats is an interresting job. We added speakers, reconfigured zones and installed TV lifts for an existing B&O installation. Internal CCTV System integrated into the automatization System (Fibaro). Everything in an amazing Application (iPhone, iPad)


Mangusta Yachts


Looking for a distributed wireless connection, giving your the best signal everywhere? we use the latest wireless hardware to give you a 2.4Ghz and a 5Ghz Wireless network access. We could provide you local 4G signal with a high download speed and with big download quotas from our local partners.



Hessen Yachts 

Bildergebnis für Heesen Yachts  layout

We adapted and reconfigured a Crestron installation on these kind of yachts. The labour could become sometimes very difficult if no documentation is available. Having source and diagrams is always a must to avoid redoing everything again when a change is needed. Distributed TV and Sound System.  Automation System from Fibaro taked over the old Crestron Hardware. A well done sensors and actuators helped to automatize a gorgeous boat.