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Fibaro System introduction

The FIBARO Intelligent Home Automation system is a Z-Wave enabled ecosystem offering advanced (smart) levels of Control, Management and Automation of electro-mechanical systems within a Home, Small Building or Office.

FIBARO’s suite of Gateways, sensors, actuators & controllers work seamlessly together providing control of Lights, Blinds, UFH, CH/HW systems, Garage Doors/Gates and so on. 

The elegantly designed products have built-in intelligence offering a wide range of practical features and options that reduce energy consumption, deliver instant home security alerts direct to your mobile wherever you are in the world,  whilst at the same time providing an enhanced level of convenience and comfort for very little upfront investment.

In fact, the system actually saves you money almost instantly as Dimmer modules, for example, can be retrofitted into existing light switches enabling both manual and wireless operation removing the need to run dedicated control cabling or paying a general tradesman to chase walls – saving significant investment and time for any automation project.

We are Fibaro certified installers  and know how to professionally design a FIBARO system using  Z-Wave Mesh technology, greatly increasing system reliability and coverage. How to calculate signal penetration through different common home materials such as glass, plaster, brick walls and wood and how to avoid signal blackouts caused by metals or thick walls. 

We bring years of experience direct to the classroom and teach you valuable installation techniques that will help you deliver projects professionally on time, within budget and to your client’s satisfaction.